Take a full page screenshot

View a web page without visiting it with your browser

In cybersecurity this tool can allow you to view a web page without actually browsing it with your web browser and risk to get infected by an exploit or by malicious code injected in the web page. If you are unsure of the authenticity of a web page or you simply want to know how a web page looks without visiting it with your web browser, just enter the URL in the form above and hit the button. After a few seconds (generally 10 seconds) you will get a PNG image file of the submitted web page.

Here is an example screenshot of twitch.tv website:

Twitch Website Screenshot

Alternative use cases with a web page screenshot

Not just for security, this tool can be useful for web designers that want to take a screenshot of one or more web pages to later use the screenshots as inspiation to design a website. Whether you're seeking design ideas or analyzing competitors' websites, this service enables you to quickly capture a web page screenshot and study the web page layouts effortlessly. Just view and inspect the created screenshot image file when you need, even when you are offline (an Internet connection is not needed to view the image file).

Not all web pages may be rendered correctly

Our service will visit the submitted web page with a real web browser and then it will take a screenshot of the web page. This process will wok with mostly any web page but there may be some cases where the taken screenshot doesn't look like exactly same as the original web page. This may be due to heavy use of javascript or of a slow bandwidth that triggers a timeout in our service.