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Quickly translate a web page to any language

With this online web page translator tool you can translate mostly any website and URL with the power of Google Translate service. You just need to enter the URL of the web page you want to translate and select the language to translate to (by default it is selected English). If needed you can also specify the source language of the web page, we have set the value to "Detect Language" so the source web page language should be automatically detected by the service, but sometimes this doesn't select the right language.

Not all web pages may be rendered correctly

In general, mostly any web page of any website can be translated however in some cases it may not be possible to translate a web page. This can be due to heavy usage of javascript to show the web page content or due to HTML or CSS code that can make difficult the extraction of the text to translate. There may be also some design elements of the web page that may not match the ones from the original web page design after the translation, such as some translated text may be longer or bigger than the original text and thus it may go beyond a box or a column, making the text container larger. This can change the aspects of the original web page design.