We have created an experimental API to query URLVoid database of already analyzed websites. The API cannot be used in commercial services or products for now. We should finish soon the feature used to submit a new website for scanning and also to re-scan an already analyzed website. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay always up to date.

We have created a simple PHP class that shows how to use the API to get information about a website address and it can be downloaded from your control panel after you have registered to the service. The API outputs all the needed information in XML format, below you can find an example XML output of a malicious website:

    <host>auracinematics .com</host>
        <addr>204.11.59. 216</addr>
        <hostname>204.11.59-216.confluence-networks .com</hostname>
        <asname>Confluence Networks Inc</asname>
        <country_name>Virgin Islands, British</country_name>
        <city_name>Road Town</city_name>
        <continent_name>North America</continent_name>

The API does not support bulk queries.

To use the API you should create an account here:


This is the URL for the API End-User License Agreement:


If you have questions feel free to contact us:


Please refer always to this web page:


Do not link directly to the API URL.